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Easy Pizza

I love Trader Joe’s pizza dough!  It is so easy.  Well, easy when you know how to work it!  First, buy the dough and refrigerate or freeze it.  If you freeze it, then take it out a day or two before you bake it.   On pizza night, take dough out an hour before you bake it.  I always lay it out an hour  before.  The package says you can lay it out 20 minutes before, but an hour seems like the best time in order to really spread the dough out.  

So now, spray your cooking pan lined with aluminum foil with cooking spray.  Spread out the dough on the pan.  Add Trader Joe’s fat free sauce. 


Then chop and add veggies.

002 003 DSC_0004 

Add cheese.


Add 17 slices of turkey pepperoni to each side.  Yeah, I said it.  17 slices is the serving size.  Mmmmmm!




Bake for 20 minutes.  The package says 10-12 and that means 20 in my oven!


DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

Now.  Calm down.  Breathe.  Walk away.  You have to let the pizza cool before you cut it.  Walk out of the kitchen and wipe your drool.  Wait about 5 minutes.

Then cut and enjoy!

DSC_0012 DSC_0014

Trader Joe’s pizza dough is only .99 cents.  What a super fun and cheap dinner!  Grab your kids and have them make their own!  Yum!


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So yesterday, I was soooooo tired! I napped forever and then fell asleep on the couch. I didn’t know was was wrong with me. Then I see the husband drinking a cherry coke zero and I figured it out.  I didn’t have any caffeine yesterday.  I usually have 1-2 cups of coffee a day.  I had a headache and was so tired.

So this morning I fixed that.  I have a cup of hazelnut coffee and felt so much better.  No nap, no headache.  That is a problem! I need to wean myself off of coffee!! I don’t drink soda that much, so I don’t have a big addiction, but I do like some strong coffee!


I then had a serving of these:

June 3 3 with TJ’s unsweetened soymilk.

And an apple.


Calorie Count: 252

Speaking of calories, my sister introduced me to My Fitness Pal to track my food and calories. So easy! Check it out! It tells you how many calories you need to lose weight and helps you reach your goal.  I am going to use this now!

Victoria’s Secret started their semi-annual sale today. I got 2 bras and 3 pairs of undies.  I just can’t buy $50 bras.  I’d rather get them on sale!

We ate in the food court.  The husband got Chick-fil-a and I got subway.

6” turkey on honey oat, hold the cheese and a small bag of Baked BBQ lays.


Calorie Count: 470

For dinner I made a pizza with whole wheat dough from TJ’s.


My half (calm down, I only ate 2 pieces and saved the rest for lunch later on this week) had sun dried tomatoes, onions, cheese, pepperoni and sauce. The husband’s had cheese and pepperoni-boring!


Calorie Count: 464

Total Calorie Count: 1,186

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Quick Post


 June 3 x 2

Calorie Count: 185


June 3 2June 3 3

Calorie Count: 135

Lunch: minus the apple and 100 calorie pack (and the pb got in the picture!)

 Food Blog May June 3 001 + leftover pasta-30 calories for a different pasta sauce

Calorie Count: 480

Today we went to fun day.  And I got this face painting.  Our mascot is a bee so this was perfect!

  Food Blog May June 3 004

Dinner was pizzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa!

This yummy pizza from Trader Joe’s. 

Food Blog May June 3 005 Food Blog May June 3 006 Food Blog May June 3 007 Food Blog May June 3 009

Food Blog May June 3 010

I had three small pieces

Calorie Count: 520

Total Calories Today: 1320

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Pizza = Love

We just wanted something easy for lunch since we were going out for pizza tonight. I heated up some turkey chili and put some sour cream and light mexican shredded cheese.  We actually got the idea from Chili’s skillet queso.  Mmm!


We read some.  Here is me no makeup and wet hair reading in my Snuggie!


Then, we went to Mellow Mushroom with Jake + Jennifer and their sweet baby Kai tonight.  I love their pizza.  We have a relationship.  Pizza + me = Pure Happiness.


House special. I picked the sausage off yuck!


I wanted Miller 64, but they didn’t carry that so here is Old Faithful.


And a bunch of pictures of Kai are in your future…



Brandon and Kai.  He was so squirmy.  Kai that is, not Brandon!



Love this face!



Jennifer and Kai 🙂





Here is the funniest part of the evening.  Toby, their Min Pin, loves to warm himself by the fire.  He kept rotating around to get every side!  Too cute!


The night ended with me playing some of this



We may be drinking some champagne to bring in the New Year, but who knows?  We may just end up going to bed!

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Gimmie just a little more time

I didn’t have to be at work until 10am this morning!  It twas wonderful.  I unfortunately got a phone call at 8 this am, otherwise I could have slept later.  I hate hate hate morning noise/phone calls.  Anyway…

This morning I had a little more time to photograph my breakfast.

Every morning I start off with this guy.

pics2009 409pics2009 414

I usually drink this along with an Amazing Grass packet dissolved in soy milk.

I had a little more time this morning so I made myself a bowl of organic Whole Foods cereal in soy milk.

pics2009 415

And then I had to get together a few items for lunch:

pics2009 410

Wallaby yogurt: a new favorite

pics2009 412

A TJ’s light string cheese

pics2009 413

A gala apple: this one didn’t get eaten

This afternoon at work was BUH-IS-SSSSSYYY!  I am so glad it is the weekend.  Tomorrow I find out what is wrong with my car at 9am and how much money I have to shell out for the squeaky noise.  I am almost positive it is my front brakes.

This it’s off to the grocery store and then to get my thyroid checked at the Drs.  I hate having to get bloodwork, but it’s to keep me healthy!  I hope my packages arrive soon. Have a good Friday all!

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What a tangled web…

Tonight it was this yummy pizza idea.  Spinach and margarita pizza from TJ’s.  Wednesday’s are our usually easy day of eating.  It is hump day and we are both exhausted. I, thankfully, do not have to be into work until 10 tomorrow. 

I will probably pricing brake pads.  My front driver’s side is squeaking every time I break.  ugh!  I hate car trouble.  There is no getting out of car trouble when you need a car everyday to drive to and from work.  Brakes are just one of those things that you cannot live without! 

While I was waiting for the pizza to cook, I skimmed through the newest issue of Cooking Light.

pics2009 396

Then it was pizza time!

pics2009 397pics2009 398

We also had a little organic creamy ranch on the side.

pics2009 400

And of course, with pizza, comes beer!  It was pumpkin beer!  There is a special place in my heart for anything PUMPKIN!

pics2009 395pics2009 394pics2009 399

It was from Trader Joe’s and was so yummy.  I am partial to light beers, but this was really good. 

Then we saw the worst creatures outside.  SPIDERS!  SO GROSS!

pics2009 406

There were two with huge webs by our front door. Yuck!

Luckily, the husband came to the rescue!

pics2009 408

He knocked them down with our outdoor broom. Thank goodness.  We usually go out the garage door, otherwise we would have noticed sooner.

Tonight we are watching Glee and doing laundry (boring).  Then I am going to read some more of Lovely Bones and go to sleep.  I didn’t sleep very well last night.  It was one of those nights were I saw the clock every 30 minutes. Can’t  wait to catch up on sleep!

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This morning I woke up with a sore throat.  Last night we went to Mellow Mushroom (the best pizza place eva!) and some of my crust went down wrong and scraped the heck out of my throat! yikes!  No fun.  Oh well, I guess I’m going to need some Advil before I eat anything! 

I am making my TJ’s breakfast blend coffee to go ask I type and I am getting really for another work week.  It is quite chilly here in NC and there was a frost advisory last night.  Thank God we have a garage now and I don’t have to scrap or warm up the car like I did when we were in the apartment!

I hope everyone makes it through their Mondays! See you tonight for a special recipe!

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