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Long time no see

So what has been doing on in my life for like the last month?  First of all, I cannot believe it’s already August!! Yuck! That means back to work for me soon.  I have enjoyed this summer off so much.  There is one thing that is annoying…I’ve been exhausted! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and getting my iron and vitamin D checked.  I swear there is something low.  I mean I do just stuff around the house and go to the gym like once a day for an hour.  That isn’t supposed to wear me out! I’m supposed to get more energy from the gym!

This summer we’ve been to Charleston, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington a couple of times.  I went to Wilmington a couple days last week to visit my friends from middle school-Shannon and Jada.  They both have 2 little girls-so weird!! It was fun.  I played with the babies my mom watches and we had some shopping time. 

Then last Thursday my friend Shelby and I went to the outlets in Smithfield.  I got a dress, 3 shirts and three pairs of pants in a size 6.  Yep, that’s right! I said size 6.  I am not 141.2 pounds and a size 6. 🙂 I was ecstatic!!! Just wait until I’m a 4.  There will be tears kids, tears!

The husband has been out a workshop.  He went last week, came home over the weekend and then was off again last night.  I wish he would have stayed the over the weekend too.  I mean, I love seeing him, but it made me miss him more.  This has been the longest we haven’t seen each other.  So I sleep with the tv on and play with Zoey.  We are doing just fine.

Last night I had a date with this book. 

August 2010 008

I am really enjoying it, but it is sad so far! I have always been interested in the Holocaust and things that went on back in the forties, so this book is very interesting to me.  If you ever go to DC, go to the Holocaust museum. Get your tissues ready!

I also got Moe’s for dinner.  I got the kids Moo Moo Mr. Cow.  It’s a little burrito and it comes with tortilla chips and a little drink.  And a cookie! I couldn’t understand a damn thing that woman was saying because she had a strong accent! So when she asked me if I wanted a cookie, I had to get her to repeat herself.  I never turn down a cookie!

 August 2010 001 August 2010 002 August 2010 003 August 2010 004 August 2010 005

I read on our screened in porch with my Honeysuckle Yankee Candle, of course.

August 2010 007 August 2010 006

I then decided to have a glass of wine.  After working up a sweat I’ve decided our wine opener sucks and I will be getting a new one.  Wine opener: 1 Krista: 0.  And that’s all I have to say about that.



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