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Homemade chicken tenders

This morning I had a hard boiled egg white before going to RPM.

Calorie Count: 17

Then I went through an hour of hell at RPM. Seriously, it was super tough this morning!

For breakfast I had rice krispies and soy milk.

Then I went and got my hair dyed.  I wanted my natural color, but it turned out super dark! ugh!  I will just have to wait for it fade.  I want my hair my natural brown, not this awful reddish shade!

For lunch I had some leftovers from Angus Barn.

And then the husband’s anniversary present arrived.  bwa ha ha! He can’t see it until the 28th.  He has a surprise trip planned for us this weekend! I am excited!

For dinner we had this recipe from Hungry-Girl.com.  Chicken Tenders

Food Blog June 21 003

Food Blog June 21 004

Food Blog June 21 005

Food Blog June 21 006

Food Blog June 21 007

Food Blog June 21 008

Food Blog June 21 009        

I didn’t use Captain Crunch and had plenty of “breading.”

I had these fries as well.  You can have 16 of these babies for 120 calories!!! 🙂

Food Blog June 21 001

Food Blog June 21 002

I am going to wash my hair a million times for this color to fade! I feel like I look gothic!


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Hump day

Wednesdays are great…so close to the weekend!  Tonight we had bbq chicken on the grill and Annie’s Homegrown mac and cheese.  I got this mac and cheese on sale at Whole Foods.  It’s not as cheesy as I’d like, but it was still good.


It was quite good.  Last night ended with a little Green and Black’s organic dark chocolate. I can only eat dark chocolate in small amounts.  The flavor/bitterness? is a little too strong for my liking.  And of course some white tea with delicious agave nectar.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

DSC_0359Here are some interesting articles I have been reading tonight while waiting for Glee to come on.

*A woman may have been fired for being “too fat” at 120 pounds!!! Are you kidding me?  It’s disgusting how magazine models are photoshopped into toothpicks and then it’s still not good enough. You wonder why teens have so many self-esteem issues!  Don’t worry guys, no one looks like the girls in the magazines.  It’s called editing. You are beautiful without Photoshop!  You can read about that bologna here: http://www.stylelist.com/blog/2009/10/14/ralph-lauren-distorted-ad-skinny-model-fired-for-being-fat/?icid=main|main|dl3|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.stylelist.com%2Fblog%2F2009%2F10%2F14%2Fralph-lauren-distorted-ad-skinny-model-fired-for-being-fat%2F

*I want to try to incorporate more super foods into my diet.  Super foods are foods that  pack lots of nutrients into a serving, give you the feeling of satisfaction with a lot of volume and not a lot of calories and fat.  They keep you feeling fuller longer and overall are just better for a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Here are some superfoods that you should try to incorporate into your fall season: http://www.self.com/fooddiet/blogs/healthybites/2009/09/seven-superfoods-of-fall.html

I am thinking maybe a soy icecream sandwich later on while watching Glee.  I can’t wait to read some more of my book.  It’s getting good, but kind of gives me the creeps!

Song of the day: Zac Brown Band “Toes”

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Everybody's Working for THE WEEKEND!

So glad the weekend is here! I didn’t work much this week, but this afternoon made up for the whole week.  There were so many patients worked in, it was ridiculous.  Anywho…

This morning I had a piece of whole wheat bread with Blue Diamond  Almond Chunky Butter.  It was so good.  It was my first time having almond butter and I loved it.

For lunch I had this:


Peppered roast beef on organic whole wheat breat with a little mayo, mustard and muenster cheese which is becoming my new favorite!

I also had a string cheese and some hummus with pretzel slims.

On the way home from work, this guy stayed on my windshield through about half of the ride!


He was excited about my blog and wanted to make his debut!  Buzz!

Tonight we went to Chic-fil-A and I got a grilled chicken sandwich with a fruit cup.  The fruit cup was so so.


We watched Survivor and now I’m getting pretty sleepy.  I think a cup of skim milk and my new Glamour is on the agenda tonight.  I’m so excited to go to Whole Foods and TJ’s tomorrow! 🙂

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