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Wednesday’s Wisdom 4

Got a couple of links for you this week:

Celebrity Diets are insane. You have the “juice fasts,” the “starve yourself 2 weeks before an event” diet, diet pills, lipo… and this one is right up there with them.

The Baby Food Diet – read here how celebrities are eating baby food all day.  We are adults people! And if you are a celebrity, can’t you hire a chef to make you healthy meals? Just sayin…

Snack Girl had a guest post featuring Annabel from Feed Me I’m Cranky.  She went from 280 pounds to 175 pounds! How inspiring! How Annabel lost 150 pounds!

Car Trip Eats Going on a road trip soon?  Need some healthier fast food?  Here are some snack ideas and fast food better choices.


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Wednesday’s Wisdom Part Trois

I didn’t have too much time to research this past week with my secret vacation and all 🙂

Here is what I have for you today: posted 50 Fattiest Foods in you guessed it America! Portions are growing and so are bellies! Here is the link: 50 Fattiest Foods in the States – Pretty Gross!

Instead of eating one of those big fat fatty meals, you could try this: 5 ingredient dinners for $3 or less knows what’s best! Eat these meals because they are cheaper, better for you and will keep your belly in check! came up with a list of Superfoods.  Each has a picture, explanation of why they are super, what they have in them and a tips to make better choices about them.

Snack Girl came up with a list of healthy beach snacks.  This will keep you away from the ice cream and hot dog stands that can be packed with calories you don’t want or need.  And if you are going to the beach, I’d like to be invited 😉 Just sayin…

I’ll be back later with my meals, workouts (yes 2 of them) and a product review.

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Wednesday’s Wisdom on Thursday

Here is Wednesday’s Wisdom 2, just a day late.  Enjoy the info! 🙂

Eating Posted 8 new food rules that everyone should follow: What Should Americans Eat?

100 Pound Anniversary Lori, The author of Finding Radiance (finding lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for a few years now!! Woo hoo! Go Lori!! 🙂

Find yourself looking for an afternoon snack at the vending machine?  Think something small would be an innocent choice?  Think again!  Here is Fitness magazine’s 10 heatlhy and unhealthy vending machine snacks

Men’s Health Magazine came up with 15 restaurant’s worst food creations.  Check them out here: Gross!

Information for the kiddos:

SpaghettiO fans listen up!  15 million pounds of SpaghettiO’s have been recalled.  Spaghetti-O No! Read this link before you open a can for your kids!

Nix the juice! Lead found in kid’s juice! Organic and non-organic! Yikes!

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Wednesday’s Wisdom

This morning I had a sandwich thin with TJ’s almond butter and a little honey.

Food Blog May 29 001

Calorie Count: 216

Then I started browsing my twitter and other websites.  I decided I am going to make a weekly post, about nutrition, food, or whatever I have found interesting over the week.

Wednesday Wisdom:

Whole Foods Nutrition –From the Whole Foods website: “We believe in promoting the health and wellness of our customers, Team Members and community through education and support.”   It’s a little information on having a healthy diet and healthy eating principles.

ThinkFood – Thinkfood is a new brain-healthy cookbook coming up in July.  You can sign up for the recipe of the week and get a new recipe every Wednesday in your inbox.  As you probably know, I am always looking for new recipes.

Hungry-Girl – I’ve been going to this site for years.  WW point friendly options and healthy recipes :)  Love this site.  Also, Lisa (Hungry Girl) is going to have her own show on the Cooking Channel’s (by Food Network) at the end of this year.  I can’t wait for that!

My Fitness Pal – My sister introduced me to this.  If you are counting calories, this a great way to track them! It gives you the number of calories you should eat to maintain, or lose weight-whatever you like.  You can type in almost any food and it shows up.  You can track your weight, food, exercise…etc.  It is awesome.  I just started using it, and love it! 


For lunch I had a leftover Lakeside Burger and 10 baked salt and vinegar chips.

June 2 3 Food Blog May June 14 007

Calorie Count: 610

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