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Lucy’s Cookies

I got a package!

Food Blog June 29 007 

And it was full of cookies!

Food Blog June 29 008 Food Blog June 29 011Food Blog June 29 009 Food Blog June 29 010

Lucy’s Cookies are gluten free and are NOT made with “milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts.”  So if you or someone in your family has food allergies, than these cookies are for you. 

The husband and I broke into them that night.  We weren’t shy. I had one of each.  I mean, I had to review them 😉

Food Blog June 30 001 Food Blog June 30 002 Food Blog June 30 003 Food Blog June 30 004 Food Blog June 30 005 Food Blog June 30 006 Food Blog June 30 007 Food Blog June 30 008 Food Blog June 30 009 Food Blog June 30 010 Food Blog June 30 011 Food Blog June 30 012 Food Blog June 30 013 Food Blog June 30 014

The cinnamon thins were my favorite!  They were all good, but cinnamon is the best!  If you like cookies with crunch, then these will not disappoint.  I am a soft cookie kind of girl, but these are a tasty treat if you are in the mood for some crunch.  The husband keeps digging in the boxes, so they must be good!  Definitely worth a try! Thanks to Lucy’s for sending me the samples 🙂

I love companies that reach out to people with food allergies.  I do not have any, but I would hate to be deprived of anything (especially cookies!) because of something I cannot help.  It makes me appreciate companies like this even more!

Disclaimer: As a food blogger, I am often sent samples of products to try. I do not get paid for reviewing products.  I give my honest opinion and if I do not like something, then I will say so.  I just give you the facts!  However, there is not much I won’t eat 😉


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Long time no blog

Sorry for the hiatus guys, but this past week at work about killed me.  I have been emotionally drained with stress and needed a break.  However, I received this package this week!

From Pop Chips!

Fall 2009 099

Fall 2009 100

Fall 2009 102

Fall 2009 103

Fall 2009 104

Fall 2009 107

I received BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Original, and Cheddar

Fall 2009 105

And this cute chip clip 🙂

Fall 2009 106

Today I snacked on the BBQ.  Delish!  I love how light they taste and it was only 100 calories for the whole bag of 15 chips!  I love chips, but I hate splitting up the portions.  I love that I could eat the whole bag and not have to worry stopping!  The husband tried the sour cream and onion for lunch one day.  He said “Yeah they were good.” Yeah, his reviews wouldn’t go far on a blog 😉

Fall 2009 143

Fall 2009 139

Fall 2009 133

Fall 2009 135

I loved the BBQ and can’t wait to try the rest.  (PS: I do not get paid for my reviews so everything I say is my honest opinion!)

I will review more as I eat them so stay tuned!

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Fall 2009 020

The awesome people at Food Should Taste Good sent me a gift of samples to review. Here is the swag:

Fall 2009 027

Fall 2009 035

I received these flavors: yellow corn, lime, cinnamon, and potato and chive.

I tried the lime today and OH MY WORD!  They are so good (and I don’t get paid to say that).  You know the lime tortilla chips the stores carry (I love these), take those subtract the lime powdery stuff left on your fingers afterwards add a wonderful lime aftertaste and overall natural/better quality of chip and you have these wonderful chips.  The lime is not too bold, it is the perfect amount.  I am so in love 🙂

I paired them today with TJ’s fat free black bean dip.

Fall 2009 013

Fall 2009 014

Fall 2009 016

I ate the serving size which was 12.  I could have eaten the whole bag, but I was good.

Fall 2009 017

I love the natural benefit of these chips.  They are not greasy and do not leave any residue on your fingers.  Each bag comes in a fun shape and they are packed full of flavor and limey goodness.  Thanks so much FSTG for sending me these and I can’t wait to try the rest!

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Honey butter

This morning I had this delicious breakfast:
Fall 2009 008

Almond butter and about a teaspoon of honey mixed in it.  All on a 100 calorie Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin.  They are a new try for me and they get an A+.  So far, they are awesome toasted and the almond butter +honey just made them AMAZINNNNG!

Then I had a long day at work.  Then I came home and made this quick dinner.  I found it on the hungry-girl website Hungry Girl and she made this “Frito Burrito.”  I had the ingredients so I gave it a shot.

Here is how mine went down:
One tortilla (TJ’s whole wheat)

1/3 cup veggie chili (I used Health Valley from Whole Foods-it has less sodium)

2 tablespoons TJ’s light mexican blend cheese

8 TJ’s organic corn chips

Heat tortilla in microwave for 10 seconds, then add chili (I preheated my chili per can directions), cheese and fritos.  Either fold into a wrap or burrito. I didn’t want to crush the fritos so I made a wrap.  After folding, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Fall 2009 009 Fall 2009 010 Fall 2009 011 Fall 2009 015

Fall 2009 017

Then I got this awesome package in the mail today!  The kind people at Food Should Taste Good sent me samples (okay, full size bags) of natural tortilla chips.  I received Lime, Chocolate, Yellow Corn, and Potato and Chive.  Can’t wait to review these!

Fall 2009 020 Fall 2009 018

Fall 2009 027 Fall 2009 023

Fall 2009 029 Fall 2009 034

And then this happened:

Fall 2009 037 Fall 2009 038

Zoey needs to be a part of everything 🙂

And this also happened: POM Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Fall 2009 039Fall 2009 040 

Off to catch up on The Office and read in bed!  I need some R&R after such a long day at work!

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National Chocolate Day Continued

This morning I woke up at about 6:30 because the husband was getting ready for work and I just couldn’t sleep anymore.  I made him an omelet (just cheese, we ran out of ham) (I know I’m an awesome wife) and then started cleaning.  I swept the floors, swiffered, did dishes, ran the dishwasher, the second load of laundry is in the washer, got together all of my Halloween candy (we have a lot!), cleaned my kitchen, and it’s only 9:30am.  I still have folding laundry, clean the bathroom and steam some clothes.

Once the floors dried I let Zoey out of the guest bathroom.  This is where I found her

pics2009 518

She’s rotten.

The husband are going to the mall today, Old Navy, Best Buy and maybe the farmer’s market.  Tonight we are going to a cookout at the school then the football game.  I am so excited about Trick or Treaters tomorrow.  I have a bunch of candy and I can’t wait for Brandon and I to go to the door for our first trick or treaters.  We are so stoked. 

I finally got hungry around 9 and drank a glass of chocolate soy milk and half of this:

pics2009 519

pics2009 520

An Amazing Grass organic green superfood chocolate whole food energy bar.  The chocolate around the bar is dark and rich.  I am going to save the other half for when I am finished cleaning.  It definately full of  “greens,” which took a few bites to get used to, but I enjoyed it.  Back to cleaning!

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Amazing Grass

Look what was sent to me on Monday!


An awesome package from Amazing Grass!

They sent me all of these food powders and bars and I can’t wait to try them.  Amazing Grass has become a new favorite product of mine and I usually drink a kids Superfood pack every morning with soy milk.  I let the packet dissolve in about 1oz of water first and then add the soy milk.  The problem with that was it still had some chunks of powder that I had to stir some more at the end. 

But that problem is solved!  Check out the cool shaker I recieved!!!!



Check out all of the packet choices/flavors:DSC_0053

Berry Green Superfood, Chocolate Green Superfood, Green Superfood, Organic Wheat Grass powder, Berry Kidz Superfood-which is a new one I tried yesterday and it is wonderful.  I love love love the Kidz Superfood packets!

Amazing Meal Original Packets, Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango, Amazing Meal Chocolate Packets, Green Superfood Organic Energy Bar, Chocolate Organic Enery Bar, Berry Green Superfood Organic Energy Bar, and the Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate Organic Energy Bar. 

I am so excited to have new products/snacks and will review them as I eat them.  I have already tried the Kidz Superfood packets and I love them so I can’t wait to try the others! 

If you would like to try some Amazing Grass products go here: and enter in this coupon code when you check out: healthy123 and recieve 15% off of your order!


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POM Wonderful

I put in a request to try out some of POM Wonderful’s products and got this in return

pics2009 448

pics2009 455

A case of POM Wonderful and some great health/product information from Kristen at POM Wonderful! Yay!

So I tried it and it is awesome.  Here are a few highlights from the information that was sent to me:

pics2009 458

“All natural and contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or other cheap filler juices.”

“We grow our own fruit, pick it by hand, squeeze it with our own proprietary presses and even manufacture our own bottles!”

Pom Wonderful has wonderful health benefits such as “cardivascular health, prostate health, erectile function, and antioxident potency.”

Under the antioxident blurb this was stated “Hundreds of scientific tests also show POM to be a superior source of antioxidents, with more and better antioxidents than red wine, grape juice, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, green tea, vitamin C and vitamin E.”

If you want a healthier juice, that is backed by science, I highly recommend this product!

Also check out this awesome drink I made:

pics2009 426

Albero Sparkling White Wine from Trader Joes and POM Wonderful. About one part juice to three parts wine.

pics2009 428

pics2009 429

pics2009 430

pics2009 446

pics2009 434

pics2009 439

The juice mixed with the sparkling wine was just a great combination!  I see me mixing it with sparking water in the future!

I am going to go enjoy my juice.  I can’t wait to try more of their products!  There is an iced coffee I’d love to review as well 😉 (Feel free to send me anything you like Kristen). 

For more information about their health benefits and products visit www.

I am so glad that I have recieved such an awesome/health conscious product.  If you drink juice or want to try something that’s better for you, get some POM Wonderful products!

PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Post a comment and get put in for a drawing for a POM Wonderful prize!



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