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WW Day 2

So back when I was on Weight Watchers, it was hard at first, but then got easier.  It turns on I haven’t steered too far of the WW path.  I am finding it pretty easy and I get to eat more than I did calorie counting.  It may work for some people, but frankly, it just made me cranky.  So do what works right?

I love Weight Watchers because you can easily turn it into a lifestyle.  No, not a diet.  I don’t consider myself on a diet.  We learned in WW that the first 3 letters in diet are D-I-E.  Do you seriously want to lose weight the wrong way?  I have to eat.  I don’t live to eat, I eat to live.  If I don’t eat I am down right grumpy. So I am happier on WW because I can eat!! You just have to find meals and snack low in points.  It’s all about the fiber.  If you screw up your whole day by eating like crazy (every female has 2 weeks out of the month where they want to eat eat eat and I swear 2 days that I want to eat the entire pantry!) it doesn’t affect you that much.  You just start fresh the next day.  I love that.  It’s not like “I eat a brownie and my whole diet is shot and I should just give up.” “Or I am going to eat whatever I want and start over Monday.” Stop waiting for Monday. Do it now.  Get out of that mentality of you ate some cookies and now you are going to gain all of your weight back.  Nope, sorry, not gonna happen!

You can have cookies, brownies, pizza, whatever you want IN MODERATION!! Counting points is so easy for me.  I have already gone through the refrigerator and marked every package with the points value per serving.  That way, when you are going to eat the whole house, you can know what the points value of a serving is, and not even have to think about it.  Ok, ok, off my WW soap box. I’m just saying, if nothing else is working for you, you should try it.  I already feel better!

Today I have a mini babybel light before the gym.  I love those 🙂 And then I burned 775 calories in spinning class (RPM).  I worked my booty off today for an hour.  That’s 3 activity points.  So, if I want to eat 3 more points today, I can.  🙂

I came back home, showered, and looked through my new cookbook! 

 Food Blog July1 004

I got this book last night at Barnes and Noble.  I have the first one, and this is the 3rd. I may go back and get the second, this one just looked better.

This morning I made egg mug florentine.  Eggs and spinach mmm.  I put a little Frank’s on it, because eggs are just better with hot sauce!

Food Blog July1 001

Eggs in a mug are pretty easy clean up!

Food Blog July1 003

I am off to pick the poor rotten tomatoes off my plant and spray an epsom salt mixture on them.

And then I am going to read Wicked.  The husband is off fishing, so hopefully I can read a lot!


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Ants on a log

This morning I woke up around 8 for Zumba.  I had a hard boiled egg white before class.  I burned 735 calories today shaking my booty!! woo!! I love my new calorie counter. 878 yesterday in RPM, 735 today and I’m going back tonight to try Body Combat with my cousin. 

I am a workout machine! PS my legs are starting to shape up!  I could really tell in the mirror today while dancing. 🙂

After my workout, I ate a 100 calorie Arnold Sandwich Thin with Crofter’s Superfruit.

 Food Blog June 29 001 Food Blog June 29 002 Food Blog June 29 003 Food Blog June 29 004 Food Blog June 29 005 Food Blog June 29 006

Calorie Count: 130

I cleaned the bathroom and took a shower.  Around noon I had this: Chicken Pita Sandwich

Food Blog June 29 012 Food Blog June 29 013 Food Blog June 29 015 Food Blog June 29 016

Calorie Count: 388

I got hungry a little later and had some snacks.

Food Blog June 29 017 Food Blog June 29 018

A serving of Black Mission Figs

Calorie Count: 110

Then I wanted some crunch so I made Ants on a log. Take 3 celery hearts

\Food Blog June 29 019 Food Blog June 29 020 Food Blog June 29 021

And some low cal pb and raisins

Food Blog June 29 022 Food Blog June 29 023

Measure out a tablespoon of pb then lick the spoon 🙂

Add raisins and voila! It’s a better crunch than chips and you get a bigger portion size!

Food Blog June 29 024 Food Blog June 29 026 Food Blog June 29 029

I’m off to make dinner then punch it at Body Combat!

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Gym Rat

Ok, I’ve been to 3 RPM’s and 1 Body Pump.  That is 4 days in a row!!!!! Crazy for me.  But I am feeling good.  I’m telling you, that RPM is addicting. 

After posting yesterday, I split a 100 calorie Jolly Time + Frank’s Red Hot with the husband.


Calorie Count: 50

For dinner we had chicken fajitas!!! 🙂

IMAG0111 IMAG0110   IMAG0112 IMAG0113 IMAG0114 IMAG0115

With 12 Food Should Taste Good Lime chips.

IMAG0116 IMAG0117 IMAG0118 IMAG0119

Calorie Count: 408

For dessert we had chocolate tortillas.  I learned this recipe when I was in Weight Watchers a few years ago.  Take 2 tortillas (I used Trader Joe’s Reduced Carb tortillas) and one tbsp of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Heat on a griddle or frying pan until chocolate starts to melt and sprinkle chips with cinnamon sugar.


Calorie Count: 160

This morning for breakfast I made a banana, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry smoothie.

IMAG0125  IMAG0122

Frozen Berries


1/4 cup strawberries

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup sliced bananas

1/4 cup raspberries

1/2 cup TJ’s European Plain Yogurt


Calorie Count: 148

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Sweet Summertime

Today was super relaxing.  I went to a RPM class at 8:30 this morning with my friend Shelby.  It was tough!  I was out of breath for a lot of it, but was told “if you are out of breath, you are not out of shape, you are working hard” so that made me feel better.

Before the gym I was starving so I ate a half of a sandwich thin and some super chunky pb.


Calorie Count: 140

After RPM, I had this! So good!

Egg white omelet



Calorie Count: 192

For lunch I made this:

Fettucine Alfredo




and a square of hershey’s chocolate with almonds from the husband’s birthday

Calorie Count: 144

Then I took like a 3 hour nap.  It was awesome!

Then I woke up and started on dinner while the husband still was sleeping.

Let me tell you that these were the most amazing burgers! Soooooo good!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Here is the recipe:

Lakeside Turkey Burgers on whole wheat buns with cheese

Food Blog May June 14 007

and I made these onion rings:

Lord of the Onion Rings and we had some asparagus on the side.

Food Blog May June 14 002Food Blog May June 14 003

Food Blog May June 14 004   Food Blog May June 14 005    

Food Blog May June 14 001Food Blog May June 14 008

What a yummy meal!

Calorie Count: 740

Food Blog May June 2 015

and this for dessert!

Calorie Count: 180

Total Calorie Count: 1396


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Comp Time

Today is a little strange.  I had some comp time built up at work and had to take it.  I went in from 8:15-10 and then came home.  It feels like I’m skipping school!

This morning I ate a banana with chocolate pb in the middle.

June 2 9

Calorie Count: 190

I did laundry, cleaned the fridge and freezer out and picked up around the house.  Whew did my refrigerator need to be cleaned out.   I also checked all of the expiration dates and cleaned out things that were close to expiring.

June 2 4

At 12:30 I stopped and made lunch.

A turkey sandwich on TJ’s high fiber bread with roasted turkey and muenster cheese.

June 2 8 June 2 6


June 2 5 June 2 2

June 2 3June 2

And 10 baked salt and vinegar chips.

Calorie Count: 370

My bananas were on their last leg so I peeled and chopped them up.  I put them in the freezer to use for smoothies later. 

June 2 7 

Off to fold laundry and watch “The Office.”

Total Calories so far: 560

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Lucky 7

So I started out at 154.8 (give or take a few ounces) and I am now down 7 pounds!! Woo hoo! All of that working out is starting to pay off!

This morning I ate a piece of TJ’s high fiber bread with almond butter and honey. 

Food Blog May 30 001

Calorie Count: 185

We have a birthday cookout tonight at Tara’s parent’s house tonight which will include cornhole and probably hot dogs and hamburgers.  There will be a lot of the husbands coworkers there so it should be a lot of fun!

For lunch I had a coupon for a free salad from McDonald’s so I got it to go.  I got the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad with Southwest Dressing.

Food Blog May 30 003 Food Blog May 30 002

Calorie Count: 420

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Green Thumb

Check it out!!

Tomato plant

Food Blog May 29 009

Kale, Basil and Cilantro

Food Blog May 29 010


Food Blog May 29 011

Yes, I started those plants with soil, seeds, a pot and water.  No, I did not buy plants from the store and transfer them into pots. That’s all seeds baby!

I really do have a green thumb!

The fruits of my labor

Food Blog May 29 012

We picked this guy later on tonight.

Food Blog May 29 014

A little tomato!!! 🙂

Food Blog May 29 015

Rinsed and laying out to dry.

Food Blog May 29 017

Hi little guy!

Food Blog May 29 008

Yes, that is my cat Zoey trying to climb the window.

Food Blog May 29 016

We went to Trader Joe’s today (haven’t been in months!) and got all of this for $43.

Food Blog May 29 018 

I love TJ’s and could spend hours in there!

For breakfast this morning we went to Cracker Barrel.  I got the french toast (make it wheat!) and ate half.


The Daily said that this has 520 calories for the white bread.  I got wheat, so I know it is lower in calories.

We didn’t eat anything until dinner.  We went to mexican at La Cocina.

I got a bean burrito and a chicken soft taco that I only ate half because it had oil dripping from it-it grossed me out!

may297 may298 may299

Much better than what I would have gotten before!

I finished the night off with this:

Food Blog May 25 017

Calorie Count: 100

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