Easy Pizza

I love Trader Joe’s pizza dough!  It is so easy.  Well, easy when you know how to work it!  First, buy the dough and refrigerate or freeze it.  If you freeze it, then take it out a day or two before you bake it.   On pizza night, take dough out an hour before you bake it.  I always lay it out an hour  before.  The package says you can lay it out 20 minutes before, but an hour seems like the best time in order to really spread the dough out.  

So now, spray your cooking pan lined with aluminum foil with cooking spray.  Spread out the dough on the pan.  Add Trader Joe’s fat free sauce. 


Then chop and add veggies.

002 003 DSC_0004 

Add cheese.


Add 17 slices of turkey pepperoni to each side.  Yeah, I said it.  17 slices is the serving size.  Mmmmmm!




Bake for 20 minutes.  The package says 10-12 and that means 20 in my oven!


DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

Now.  Calm down.  Breathe.  Walk away.  You have to let the pizza cool before you cut it.  Walk out of the kitchen and wipe your drool.  Wait about 5 minutes.

Then cut and enjoy!

DSC_0012 DSC_0014

Trader Joe’s pizza dough is only .99 cents.  What a super fun and cheap dinner!  Grab your kids and have them make their own!  Yum!


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  1. Yum, we love pizza night in our house too!

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