WW Wednesday

Yesterday, I burned 792 calories in Zumba and then went back for Body Combat and burned around the same (I forgot to turn my calorie counter off and it was over 800 when I remembered!).  So I earned 8 activity points yesterday! woo! 

I love earning activity points because I will eat them before I go into any weekly flex points.  I haven’t wanted them though, so that’s good. I’m now more satisfied than calorie counting.  I feel full and happy and that headache is not there anymore.  Go me 🙂

Here is a recap of yesterday’s eats:

Food Points
mini babybel light 1
sandwich thin 1
better n pb 1 tbsp 1
ww soup 0
greek yogurt 1 cup 2
bbq baked chips 2
soy milk and ww cake 2
pizza 14
Total Points 23
Activity Points 8

I am hovering around 145.6 pounds and hope to get to 144 (the 10 pound mark) before we go on our trip next week!

   Food Blog July 7 002 Food Blog July 7 004 Food Blog July 7 005 Food Blog July 7 001

Look we have a tomato from our garden! I picked this baby yesterday!!

Food Blog July 7 006 Food Blog July 7 007

And this is what I had for breakfast this morning.

Food Blog July 7 008

Egg whites and a Hebrew National 97% FF hot dog fried and chopped up with a side of ketchup 😉 This idea was from my Hungry Girl cookbook 🙂

WW Points: 3

I took engagement pictures of a couple on Monday and I am off to edit some of them and grab a yogurt! Have a good hump day!


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