Virgin Sprouts

I need more sprouts in my life.  I want to get even more servings of fruits and veggies in my life and today I decided to experiment with brussel sprouts. I’ve heard of many people roasting them, but had yet to try them myself. 

I bought this microwaveable bag at Trader Joe’s.  That’s pretty cool that you can microwave them in the bag for a quick side dish, but I had roasting on the brain.

 Food Blog July1 005

I preheated the oven to 425 degrees and started to trim the bases off of the sprouts.

Food Blog July1 008

And then cut them in half.

I put them on a pan with non stick spray and lots of salt and pepper!

I roasted them for about 20 minutes, tossing once halfway through.

Food Blog July1 013

Served with a fajita leftover from dinner last night.

Food Blog July1 018  Food Blog July1 017

yummy. And super filling! 🙂

Points value on sprouts: 2



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2 responses to “Virgin Sprouts

  1. Those look delicious – just did something similar with fennel and loved it.
    Lisa AKA Snack Girl

    • Thanks! I’ve been reading your blog lately. Good stuff! I have a road trip coming up so I am stoked about all of the good snack ideas!

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