Lucy’s Cookies

I got a package!

Food Blog June 29 007 

And it was full of cookies!

Food Blog June 29 008 Food Blog June 29 011Food Blog June 29 009 Food Blog June 29 010

Lucy’s Cookies are gluten free and are NOT made with “milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts.”  So if you or someone in your family has food allergies, than these cookies are for you. 

The husband and I broke into them that night.  We weren’t shy. I had one of each.  I mean, I had to review them 😉

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The cinnamon thins were my favorite!  They were all good, but cinnamon is the best!  If you like cookies with crunch, then these will not disappoint.  I am a soft cookie kind of girl, but these are a tasty treat if you are in the mood for some crunch.  The husband keeps digging in the boxes, so they must be good!  Definitely worth a try! Thanks to Lucy’s for sending me the samples 🙂

I love companies that reach out to people with food allergies.  I do not have any, but I would hate to be deprived of anything (especially cookies!) because of something I cannot help.  It makes me appreciate companies like this even more!

Disclaimer: As a food blogger, I am often sent samples of products to try. I do not get paid for reviewing products.  I give my honest opinion and if I do not like something, then I will say so.  I just give you the facts!  However, there is not much I won’t eat 😉


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