Wednesday’s Wisdom Part Trois

I didn’t have too much time to research this past week with my secret vacation and all 🙂

Here is what I have for you today: posted 50 Fattiest Foods in you guessed it America! Portions are growing and so are bellies! Here is the link: 50 Fattiest Foods in the States – Pretty Gross!

Instead of eating one of those big fat fatty meals, you could try this: 5 ingredient dinners for $3 or less knows what’s best! Eat these meals because they are cheaper, better for you and will keep your belly in check! came up with a list of Superfoods.  Each has a picture, explanation of why they are super, what they have in them and a tips to make better choices about them.

Snack Girl came up with a list of healthy beach snacks.  This will keep you away from the ice cream and hot dog stands that can be packed with calories you don’t want or need.  And if you are going to the beach, I’d like to be invited 😉 Just sayin…

I’ll be back later with my meals, workouts (yes 2 of them) and a product review.


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