Post Vacay meals

I am finally recuperating after all of the stuff we ate this weekend.  Before I went to RPM this morning, I had a hard boiled egg white and a mini babybel cheese.

Calorie Count: 67

Then I went to RPM with Shelby and burned 878 calories!!! wooo! I am loving my new HRM watch!

I came home to a nice cold shower and then got ready to hit the grocery stores.  Yes, I said stores.

I had a Quaker PB 90 calorie granola bar on the way.

I went to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter today. whew! that was a lot!

I got the majority of groceries at TJ’s.  I went to Whole Foods because I had this!!!

Charleston, SC 2010 269

I got the “North America" because it had blueberries! Excited to try this!

I went to Harris Teeter to use a few coupons since they had super doubles.  After going to HT, I came home STARVING!!!

I had a Boca Vegan Burger.  mmmmm.

Charleston, SC 2010 271  Charleston, SC 2010 270

And carrots.

Calorie Count: 215

For dinner tonight I made this: Chicken Pasta Primavera

It was so good!

Food Blog June 28 001  Food Blog June 28 002 Food Blog June 28 003Food Blog June 28 004 Food Blog June 28 005

Calorie Count: 410


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