Wednesday’s Wisdom on Thursday

Here is Wednesday’s Wisdom 2, just a day late.  Enjoy the info! 🙂

Eating Posted 8 new food rules that everyone should follow: What Should Americans Eat?

100 Pound Anniversary Lori, The author of Finding Radiance (finding lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for a few years now!! Woo hoo! Go Lori!! 🙂

Find yourself looking for an afternoon snack at the vending machine?  Think something small would be an innocent choice?  Think again!  Here is Fitness magazine’s 10 heatlhy and unhealthy vending machine snacks

Men’s Health Magazine came up with 15 restaurant’s worst food creations.  Check them out here: Gross!

Information for the kiddos:

SpaghettiO fans listen up!  15 million pounds of SpaghettiO’s have been recalled.  Spaghetti-O No! Read this link before you open a can for your kids!

Nix the juice! Lead found in kid’s juice! Organic and non-organic! Yikes!


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