Homemade chicken tenders

This morning I had a hard boiled egg white before going to RPM.

Calorie Count: 17

Then I went through an hour of hell at RPM. Seriously, it was super tough this morning!

For breakfast I had rice krispies and soy milk.

Then I went and got my hair dyed.  I wanted my natural color, but it turned out super dark! ugh!  I will just have to wait for it fade.  I want my hair my natural brown, not this awful reddish shade!

For lunch I had some leftovers from Angus Barn.

And then the husband’s anniversary present arrived.  bwa ha ha! He can’t see it until the 28th.  He has a surprise trip planned for us this weekend! I am excited!

For dinner we had this recipe from Hungry-Girl.com.  Chicken Tenders

Food Blog June 21 003

Food Blog June 21 004

Food Blog June 21 005

Food Blog June 21 006

Food Blog June 21 007

Food Blog June 21 008

Food Blog June 21 009        

I didn’t use Captain Crunch and had plenty of “breading.”

I had these fries as well.  You can have 16 of these babies for 120 calories!!! 🙂

Food Blog June 21 001

Food Blog June 21 002

I am going to wash my hair a million times for this color to fade! I feel like I look gothic!


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