Wednesday’s Wisdom

This morning I had a sandwich thin with TJ’s almond butter and a little honey.

Food Blog May 29 001

Calorie Count: 216

Then I started browsing my twitter and other websites.  I decided I am going to make a weekly post, about nutrition, food, or whatever I have found interesting over the week.

Wednesday Wisdom:

Whole Foods Nutrition –From the Whole Foods website: “We believe in promoting the health and wellness of our customers, Team Members and community through education and support.”   It’s a little information on having a healthy diet and healthy eating principles.

ThinkFood – Thinkfood is a new brain-healthy cookbook coming up in July.  You can sign up for the recipe of the week and get a new recipe every Wednesday in your inbox.  As you probably know, I am always looking for new recipes.

Hungry-Girl – I’ve been going to this site for years.  WW point friendly options and healthy recipes :)  Love this site.  Also, Lisa (Hungry Girl) is going to have her own show on the Cooking Channel’s (by Food Network) at the end of this year.  I can’t wait for that!

My Fitness Pal – My sister introduced me to this.  If you are counting calories, this a great way to track them! It gives you the number of calories you should eat to maintain, or lose weight-whatever you like.  You can type in almost any food and it shows up.  You can track your weight, food, exercise…etc.  It is awesome.  I just started using it, and love it! 


For lunch I had a leftover Lakeside Burger and 10 baked salt and vinegar chips.

June 2 3 Food Blog May June 14 007

Calorie Count: 610


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