So yesterday, I was soooooo tired! I napped forever and then fell asleep on the couch. I didn’t know was was wrong with me. Then I see the husband drinking a cherry coke zero and I figured it out.  I didn’t have any caffeine yesterday.  I usually have 1-2 cups of coffee a day.  I had a headache and was so tired.

So this morning I fixed that.  I have a cup of hazelnut coffee and felt so much better.  No nap, no headache.  That is a problem! I need to wean myself off of coffee!! I don’t drink soda that much, so I don’t have a big addiction, but I do like some strong coffee!


I then had a serving of these:

June 3 3 with TJ’s unsweetened soymilk.

And an apple.


Calorie Count: 252

Speaking of calories, my sister introduced me to My Fitness Pal to track my food and calories. So easy! Check it out! It tells you how many calories you need to lose weight and helps you reach your goal.  I am going to use this now!

Victoria’s Secret started their semi-annual sale today. I got 2 bras and 3 pairs of undies.  I just can’t buy $50 bras.  I’d rather get them on sale!

We ate in the food court.  The husband got Chick-fil-a and I got subway.

6” turkey on honey oat, hold the cheese and a small bag of Baked BBQ lays.


Calorie Count: 470

For dinner I made a pizza with whole wheat dough from TJ’s.


My half (calm down, I only ate 2 pieces and saved the rest for lunch later on this week) had sun dried tomatoes, onions, cheese, pepperoni and sauce. The husband’s had cheese and pepperoni-boring!


Calorie Count: 464

Total Calorie Count: 1,186


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