Moving On

Here is my week of pictures/lack of blogging.  I am posting them and moving on! Here we go:

Ok, so that is how my post was supposed to go.  My phone is not sending my pictures to my computer for some reason! ugh!

Anywho this past week was insane! I had something to do every night since it was the last week at school.  I finally went today to RPM and it kicked my booty.  We had a new instructor and she was tough. We had three really hard tracks today!

I am going again tomorrow at 8:30am.  A perk of the summer off (besides having the summer off!) is I can go to the gym anytime now!

Tonight we went to On the Border.  I got the chicken fajitas (ate 2) and got an extra tortilla to make two more for lunch tomorrow.  I have all of my meals planned out this week, so I can giving them to the husband tomorrow-aren’t I sweet?

The husband is going to put out fertilizer tomorrow and we are going to relax on the screened in porch the rest of the day 🙂


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