Recipes 23-24

Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza

DSCN0247DSCN0245 DSCN0249DSCN0250DSCN0243DSCN0244   DSCN0248DSCN0253DSCN0254 DSCN0251

DSCN0256  DSCN0257DSCN0258 DSCN0260 DSCN0261

DSCN0260 DSCN0262

Served with broccoli slaw and blue cheese dressing + blue cheese crumbles

And mini ice cream sandwiches

DSCN0269 Copy of DSCN0271

Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Banana frozen yogurt mmm

DSCN0270DSCN0275DSCN0281   DSCN0282

DSCN0283 DSCN0286


Spaghetti Carbonara

DSCN0299 DSCN0301

DSCN0287 DSCN0288

DSCN0289 DSCN0290

DSCN0292 DSCN0291


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