Best. Meat. Loaf. Ever.

Tonight was Barbeque Meat Loaf night.

January 2010 053

The husband is not as big of a fan of meat loaf as I am.  However, I could probably get him to eat anything as long as it has BBQ sauce on it. This meal was super good.  The upside: It has super easy clean up, it’s quick prep time and it’s sooooo yummy.  The downfall:  It takes an hour to bake!  Yowzas!  So we were drooling by the time it came out of the oven!  The husband said it was the best meat loaf ever so that has to say something!


January 2010 052 

January 2010 054

January 2010 055

Basted with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Some of the best sauce ever!

January 2010 056

January 2010 058

It may not be pretty, but it was awesome!

January 2010 061

We did the newspaper crossword together to pass the time.  Okay, really, don’t tell anyone that.  We are not turning into an old couple!  I promise!  Believe me?  It was worth a shot.  We also like to do puzzles, watch the news before bed, stay in rather than go out…don’t judge 😉 I think it’s called “Marriage.”

I made Creamy Coleslaw on the side:

January 2010 057

January 2010 060

January 2010 059

Ingredients: ground red pepper, salt, yellow bell pepper, cole slaw, reduced fat mayo, and cider vinegar.  It was good, but the vinegar was strong!

And a french roll from TJ’s.  With Land o Lakes light butter.

January 2010 062 January 2010 063

Tonight I am going to read some more of Breaking Dawn.  It’s getting really good, but I want to get through this because I have so many other books I want to read! Have a good night y’all (yes, I just said y’all in a Beverly Hillbillies accent!)


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