Easy like a Sunday morning…

I enjoy Sunday mornings. Really, I do.  It’s Sunday nights that I hate.  The thought of going to work after a relaxing weekend, the weekly routines, the coming home exhausted and then making dinner…bleh!  But, a Sunday morning is wonderful. 

This morning the husband and I slept in!  It was so nice.  We went to our friend James’ birthday party last night.  Just a small get together.  It was funny.  A lot of his friends are so hilarious.  My cheeks hurt from laughing by the end of the night!

Here are the Thursday and Friday night meals I needed to catch up on!

Thursday night was Creamy Mac n Cheese with a Seven Layer Salad.

It looked so good and we were so hungry.  Wrong!  It was AWFUL! By far the worst meal I’ve made from this cookbook.  OMIT THE DIJON MUSTARD!

I would recommend this meal, if it did not include dijon mustard!  I was skeptical myself, but I put the two teaspoons in like it asked. It was terrible.  I was so sad about it.  The husband tried to appease my feelings by eating more than one bite, but was pretty relieved when I threw in the towel on this meal.  We just ended up eating the Seven Layer Salad instead.

Here is the recipe for if some reason you like a lot of dijon mustard taste:

Creamy Stove-Top Macaroni and Cheese

If I ever want to make this again (still having bad thoughts) I will definitely  nix the crazy ingredients and just make the mac n cheese. But hey, you may like it!

Friday night the in laws came over and I made:

Jambalaya with Shrimp and Andouille Sausage

along with fancy french cut green beans with a mixture of mayo, mustard, lemon juice, celery salt… you’ll have to look it up in the cookbook beside the recipe!

It was a little spicy, but so good.  I love love love Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  If your recipe calls for hot sauce, you must use this!

Frank’s Red Hot I used the original.

And then we made homemade icecream.  A simple recipe that our friends James and Shelby gave us:

one can sweetened condensed milk

one half gallon chocolate milk (I used reduced fat)

one tub of Cool Whip

It tastes just like a frosty from Wendy’s!  Soooo good.

Then last night we ate some pizza and went to our friends party.  Overall, it’s been a good weekend.  The husband and I are just lounging around and then going somewhere to eat. 

I ate this just a few minutes ago for a snack:

January 2010 016 January 2010 017

These tasted like Honey Grahams. Oh. My. Word.  I see myself using these for dips in the near future! And of course, a little glass of chocolate milk!  I’m going to read some more.  I am finally on the forth book of the Twilight Series (man, those chapters are long) and then get ready for dinner! 🙂


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