Weekend recap

Happy Monday guys!  Here is a recap of the crazy weekend I had!

Friday I woke up and was ready to go shopping!

I ate this on the way to Cary to go to grocery shopping.  I bought these at Aldi.  Pretty good, but not very filling.

January 2010 001

Then I was stuck behind a garbage truck for what seemed like forever.  There was so much traffic on the other side I couldn’t pass.

January 2010 002

I went here first. 

January 2010 003

This store just puts me in awe.  I am amazed by all of the cool and healthy food items they have.  My wallet hurts every time I go in here because I want to buy it all!

I bought some chocolate milk (it was supposed to be soy, but I wasn’t paying attention!), some Oikos yogurt and a few other items. 

I then went here: The mothership!

January 2010 004

I can buy a weeks worth of groceries for around $100 that are fresh, gourmet and inexpensive. I love love love this store.  I could spent hours in here.  I’m so glad they built one here. It is so worth the drive.

Brandon and I are spending a little more in groceries, but think of all the money we could be spending eating out.  It makes a huge difference.

I think it was Jenna who said she feels rich when she has groceries and books.  I feel exactly the same way.  TJ’s and Barnes and Noble make my life complete.

We rented “Twilight” Friday night and then Saturday we went to see this:

January 2010 008

New Moon!  It was good, some animated scenes were a little silly, but I enjoyed it.

Then the hospital craziness happened yesterday.

And then this happened:

January 2010 014

I only got 6.  Brandon had been through a lot so a little treat was needed 😉

I went to Harris Teeter today.  These bottles of water were only 3 (24 packs) for $10!  That’s awesome. 

January 2010 011

I also got a pack of this since I had a coupon:

January 2010 013

We aren’t big breakfast people, so maybe this will help.  These are little packets that you mix with milk. They are worth a try.  I am not into a lot of “packaged” stuff. Like oatmeal packets, for example, I’d rather have fresh quick oats that packaged “peaches n cream” packets.  The oats in the tub are much better for you! So these will be used sparingly, but it will be nice to get some vitamins in me in breakfast form. 

I made some Crystal Light lemonade for the husband.  I read online that it helps with kidney stones.

January 2010 012

We are going to pick up his films/scans from the hospital this afternoon.  But the rest of the day will be spent reading this:

Eclipse, the third book in the series!

January 2010 015

Off to wake up a sleeping hubby!


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