This too shall pass

We did it!  We didn’t eat out this week (minus yesterday-we went to Cracker Barrel in the morning, but we didn’t pay) so that means we saved a bunch of money.  I swear, even the milkshakes we would get can add up!  We had this yummy pizza last night:
Quick Pizza Margherita

Cooking Light 077 Cooking Light 078

I bought a 16 oz whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s.  The recipe called for 10 ounces so I tore some of the dough away until  I got it just right.

Cooking Light 081


Cooking Light 079

Leftover dough

Cooking Light 080 

Bake the crust at 400 for 8 degrees.

Then rub olive oil and half of a garlic clove on the crust.

Cooking Light 083 


Cooking Light 082 

4 oz. of mozzarella.  Disclaimer: I already had bagged mozzarella cheese.  Next time I am getting fresh.  I think it will make it even better.

Cooking Light 084

Spread the tomatoes and and leave about a 1/2 in border.  Then top with mozzarella.

Cooking Light 085

Bake for another 12 minutes and then add fresh basil and vinegar and oil mixture.

Cooking Light 088

Cooking Light 089

Cooking Light 091

On the side we had Lemon Broccoli. 4 cups of broccoli, lemon juice, onion, s&p  and a minced clove of garlic all mixed together. mmmm!

This steamfrest broccoli made things a lot easier.  Only took 4 1/2 minutes to heat up!

Cooking Light 086

Cooking Light 087

Cooking Light 092 Cooking Light 093

It was super yummy.  Pizza and I have a relationship.  It’s true.  I am in love with pizza. Oh yeah, the husband too.  But a lot of my love goes to pizza.  The serving size was only two pieces.  We were good and ONLY ATE TWO pieces.  Talk about willpower! 

We stepped on the scale this morning to see how we were doing since we have been eating healthier.  I was down 3 pounds, the hubby was down 4.  Woo hoo!  I would have been happy with any loss, but it’s always nice to see me go down more than a pound.  Yay Cooking Light!

Today was a little crazy.  We were watching the movie “The Proposal,” when all of the sudden the husband gets on the floor and literally starts rolling in pain.  He started sweated a lot and ran to the bathroom.  He told me to call 911.  I have never seen him in so much pain.  The ambulance came and I rode along.  I cried the whole way to the hospital. He was moaning in pain t
he whole way.  He had a CT scan, blood drawn and a urine sample was taken.  He was diagnosed with 3mm kidney stone in his left kidney.  I am monitoring his medicine now and give him a lot of water.  Nurse Krista to the rescue!  I took tomorrow off to take care of him.  Hopefully it will just dissolve and not pass!  It looks pretty big on google images!

Pray for Brandon.  The in laws are bringing us Outback since Sunday is our “cheat within reason” day and we are going to finish watching the movie!  What a crazy day!


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