Still a sicky. Ugh.

Still. sick. yuck.  I swear I cold easily go through a box of tissues right now.  I hate this.  It’s so funny too because we stopped taking Vitamin C because we ran out and now I’m sick.  I’m telling you, it helps to have that around.

Anyway, tonight’s meal was oh so yummy.  Recipe 2 out of…a whole bunch!

Lasagna rolls with roasted red pepper sauce.

Cooking Light 021

Some of the ingredients…

Cooking Light 020

Weighing out 7 ounces of roasted red peppers on my food scale.

Cooking Light 022

Finished lasagna noodles.

Cooking Light 023

Baby spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and onion beginning to stew.


Cooking Light 024

After about 5 minutes:

Cooking Light 026 

Ricotta and mozzarella cheese added.

Cooking Light 027

Cooking Light 028

Sauce ingredients blended smoothly.

 Cooking Light 025

We are ready to roll.  1/4 cup cheese mixture on each noodle.

Cooking Light 029 

Roll up with the seams facing the bottom of the pan.

Cooking Light 030

Look at my cute Pampered Chef trivet!  I finally am using it!

Cooking Light 031

Cook in microwave for 5 minutes with saran wrap placed tightly over 2 quart dish.


Cooking Light 032

I flubbed in that I didn’t have fresh basil so I used WAY TOO MUCH basil flake spice.  Basil Flakes do not equal same amount as fresh basil needed! Holy spicy Batman!

Cooking Light 033 Cooking Light 034 Cooking Light 035 Cooking Light 037

Cooking Light 038It was still delicious!

Here is the link: Lasagna Rolls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 

And here are the modifications:

bagged shredded cheese instead of fresh

basil spice instead of fresh basil (a
little goes a long way!)

I forgot to get the sugar snap peas so we didn’t have a side tonight.  So I just made two servings of the dessert for each of us.  Calm down,  “two servings” really just meant two pears chopped up.  One for each of us instead of half for each of us.

Cooking Light 040

Cooking Light 041

Lemme tell you a story about this guy…

Cooking Light 042

I do not go to the ABC store often and here is how you can tell:  I did not know they kept airplane bottles by the counter and I did not know was kind of liquor Amaretto was.  I asked the guy and when I went to pay, he really studied my ID.  I am obviously not a big drinker!

I modified the recipe since it became 2 servings instead of four.

Two pears

1 tbsp brown sugar divided between both

1 tbsp Amaretto divided

2 tbsps toasted almond slices divided

Cooking Light 043

Cooking Light 044

Cooking Light 045

So good and filling!  We both didn’t finish our portions.

I have a date with Vicks tonight.  See you tomorrow!


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