Cooking Light Recipe 1

I am sitting here with Vick’s Vapo Rub on the tip of my nose so I can breathe/write this post. Of course, any week I want to get healthy or start a new work out routine, I get sick.  That’s just the way life is. 

Anywho, despite my illness, I made my first recipe out of the Cooking Light cookbook tonight.

Turkey and Cheese Panini

The neat thing about the cookbook is that they give you a menu.  So it has a side, a meal and a dessert to follow.  Of course, you could just make the meal, but I am having fun with the menu.  I’m about lots of volume for less calories!


Cooking Light 001

It said to make the panini with one frying pan on top of the other. Very clever!

Cooking Light 007

[We briefly interrupt this program for some nose blowing and Vick’s reapplying]

Ok and I’m back.  Whew, being sick really blows.  Get it?  Okay dumb joke 🙂

Cooking Light 002

Here is me getting ready to mix up some basil and light mayo for the panini spread. 

For the side item, there is Tomato Bread Salad.  However, I could not find a link on the website for the recipe.

Grape tomatoes halved. 

Cooking Light 003

Fresh Parsley.

Cooking Light 004

Tomatoes mixed with 2 tablespoons water, 2 tablespoons light mayo, chopped parsley, diced avocado, 1/4 tsp. salt, diced onion, hot sauce…whew I’m tired.

Cooking Light 005 

Getting ready to cut this baby for some toasted french bread cubes.

Cooking Light 006

Cubes broiling away.

Cooking Light 008

Cooking Light 009

Panini deliciousness!

Cooking Light 011

Tomato Bread Salad

Cooking Light 014

Cooking Light 015

Cooking Light 016

Double Churned Vanilla ice cream with sliced peaches mmmmm!

With flash…

Cooking Light 017

Without flash…

Cooking Light 018

What a fun little dessert. 

If you are going to make this recipe, I made a few modifications:
I used grape tomatoes instead of cherry (they were cheaper!)

I used sliced peaches in light syrup.  After all of the veggies being chopped, I was done slicing and chopping for the evening!

Recipe was loved by the husband and I.  His quote of the evening “It tastes fancy. You are an awesome cook!”  It’s so nice having helpful recipes for dinner.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more 🙂



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2 responses to “Cooking Light Recipe 1

  1. abby

    I love paninis. This recipe looks great, so can’t wait to try it. But just a heads up. A panini is a pressed sandwich, so I think when using the second frying pan you should lay the bottom of the pan on top of the sandwich.

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