Julie and Julia-ish/Health & Wealth

So we ran a bunch of errands today, one to my favorite store eva- Barnes and Noble.  I picked up this

Cooking Light Cookbook

I am thinking of cooking a bunch of recipes in the new year from this book.  I don’t want to commit to doing the whole book because if I don’t finish it, I would feel like I failed.  So we will just see what happens 😉

The husband and I want to lose some weight.  I know I know, everyone makes New Years resolutions and keeps them for about a month, but we are not calling this a New Years resolution.  Just a simple goal.  Our jeans are getting tighter and we have eaten too many Cook Out milkshakes and good food in 2009.  Hopefully by cooking out of the cookbook will lead us to some health.

We have also decided to not eat out unless it is with the husband’s parents.  We eat out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with his parents).  Okay okay, you can lift your jaws off of the floor now.  And we get milkshakes/other goodies throughout the week.  And you wonder why we feel like big fat fatties? Hmmm…

So we are looking to get some health/wealth this year by saving money and losing weight.  I am excited about cooking more and playing my new Wii Active.  It has workouts, yoga, resistance training, etc.  I miss having loose jeans and would like to go shopping in my closet. 

My parents came over tonight and saw our house.  I love our house and we got a really good deal on it.  It’s hard fun being adults and having a house of our own.  I am off to plan out meals and shopping lists for next week 🙂


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