Adventures from Ohio

Christmas 2009 069

Christmas 2009 070

Christmas 2009 071

The husband in front of my Mamal and Pap’s house freezing

Christmas 2009 074

On the way to some stores in Sardis (okay there are only 2)

Christmas 2009 076

My sister, Kayla, and I

Christmas 2009 078

The little Amish store

Christmas 2009 079

Ables Cheese has been there forever

Christmas 2009 080

I won 4 bucks on two lottery tickets here and got some free samples of different cheeses.  They discontinued my favorite-Pizza Cheese.

The Post Office.  They have PO Boxes that they have to drive to in order to get their mail.  Yep, and they just got 911.  No,  I’m not kidding.

Christmas 2009 081

Christmas 2009 124

Christmas 2009 126

Christmas 2009 127

Mamal and Pap’s house

Christmas 2009 129

Christmas 2009 131

Christmas 2009 136

That is the hill we drove up on the way home

Christmas 2009 143

The church my family used to go to

Christmas 2009 146

Christmas 2009 149

Christmas 2009 151

Christmas 2009 155

On Sunday we went to this place called Quick Lube?  It was a wings and lube place.  The “lube” means beer.  We got a lube tube which is this…


100 ounces of beer and then we got one more (crazy right?)  Let’s just say I’m a lightweight and was smiling a lot at lunch.  We also got wings, onion rings and pickle chips.  Holy yum!


Ohio was super fun.  I am glad I got to see some family, snow and the casino.  We had a blast and I’m so glad the husband fits in so well with my family 🙂


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