SSB: Secret Single Behavior

The girls on Sex in the City participate in SSB: Secret Single Behavior.  It’s what girls do when the guys are away.  It’s secret because it’s something they usually don’t do in front of them, but like to do alone. In one episode Miranda covered her hands in Vaseline, put gloves on and watched tv.  Tonight was my night for some SSB. 

The husband was off getting a haircut and I had such a long day, I decided not to go with him.  We usually have dinner at the in laws and then get hair cuts.  I get one every other time because I’m trying to grow mine out. 

My SSB consisted of this:

Fall 2009 148

A heavenly sub from Jersey Mike’s

Fall 2009 147

The crossword puzzle which I attempt every night at dinner (yes, I’m a grandma!)

And these showed up at my door!

Fall 2009 144Fall 2009 146 


Thanks pop chips!

And then this happened…

Fall 2009 149

Zoey’s SSB

Fall 2009 152

Zoey loves laundry!

Fall 2009 154

But, not the camera flash!

Fall 2009 155

Fall 2009 156

Fall 2009 157

Fall 2009 158

Fall 2009 159

Then a lovely bath…

Fall 2009 160

With this…

Fall 2009 161

This bubble bath from Victoria’s Secret smells amazing!

Fall 2009 162

I read these in the bath and then this happened…

Fall 2009 163 

I’m so bad at painting my toenails.  I usually just paint the area around the nail too then take it off with nail polish remover and a Q-Tip.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blog.  Things have been CAH-RAZZZY! at work and I’ve been too tired to do anything!  Hope to keep up with this more!


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