Easy Italian Chicken

Tonight I wanted something quick and easy.  I was so tired from work and decided on this:

Fall 2009 094

Cook chicken until almost done.  During the last few minutes of cooking add a tablespoon of Newman’s Own Italian dressing to each side.

Fall 2009 092

Finished product:

Fall 2009 097

Fall 2009 098

See how easy that was? 😉

I served mine with kale chips and a caesar salad that was made of romaine lettuce, two tablespoons of caesar dressing and a little shredded cheese.

Fall 2009 090

Fall 2009 091

Fall 2009 093 

Fall 2009 096

Volume = more full and less calories! 🙂

Food Description WW Points
100 calorie Arnold flat 1
Almond butter and honey 1.5
leftover ratatouille and polenta 6
yogurt 3
grapes 1
chicken with dressing 5
kale chips 0
caesar salad 1
Total: 18.5

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