Balanced Lunches

Lunch should be well balanced with lots of options.  I like to put several things into our lunches:

  • Some sort of protein: ie meat, cheese (we usually have a Trader Joe’s string cheese), yogurt, peanut butter
  • Fruit and veggies: We need to be bigger eaters of these so today we had kiwi in our lunch
  • Starch: like bread, pasta, rice, whole grains: These need to be limited, and if at all, go for the whole grains
  • Beverage: go for water, 100% juice, or a diet drink (yes, I said it.  I have one or less a day)
  • Extras:  I usually need some crunch so I bring a baggie of granola to mix in my yogurt.  Also, don’t forget the dips and condiments.  You have to dress up your lunch to keep it interesting.  The same ole thing everyday is just boring!  That is one thing about living a healthy lifestyle, you have to change it up or you will go crazy and probably not do so well with your diet.  Eating just a salad for lunch everyday will eventually make you splurge and binge eat and then you will feel guilty later on.  Change it up!
  • Remember portion control and never grab anything from a vending machine!

Here are some pictures of what the husband and I ate for lunch today:

I also had some Amazing Grass meal on my way to work.  It was the chocolate infusion kind and it was not easy to shake up. I should have stirred it more before I left.  The taste wasn’t bad, but the “chunks” of un-dissolved powder were just gross.  I only drank about half of it.

I had left over soft tacos for lunch, the husband a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and granola, kiwi, a granola bar if still hungry, and a piece of pumpkin bread.

Off to make some snacks for our lunches tomorrow and finish dvr-ed Desperate Housewives.


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