Extra hour

I love getting extra hours in a day. Especially on a Sunday.  Anything to hold off going to work 🙂

Last night we had about 40 trick or treaters.  They came in big groups and I stopped counting at 28.  It was a lot of fun.  I love seeing cute little kids in costumes.  Most of the boys were just “dead” things with fake blood and then the majority of the girls were princesses.  There was one girl who I think was Britney Spears?  I’m not sure, but she was too young to have such tall wedges.

Anywho last night ended with us watching a little bit of  Trick or Treat.  We have neighbors who have this evil pumpkin boy thing in their front yard and they kept moving it different places every day for a week.  It kind of freaked us out and then we say the evil pumpkin boy thing in Blockbuster.  He is from Trick or Treat which is the cheesiest “scary” movie eva. 

Fall 2009 004

We stopped the movie just as a bunch of girl unzipped their skin and turned into werewolves. Yeah, pretty lame.  The husband and I like scarier movies and I’m a suspense kind of girl.

Fall 2009 001

I wore these yesterday in celebration.

Fall 2009 002

Super comfy.  I have some for Christmas as well 🙂

I also made some pumpkin pancakes this morning.  A little thicker this time 🙂

Fall 2009 003

Today is so rainy/yucky outside.  I am going to get out of the house and go to the grocery store.  Everytime I want to go to the Farmer’s Market, it rains so that might not be in the plans today.  Hope your morning is going well!


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