National Chocolate Day

For dinner we had Salmon Belle Mer cakes/patties. Listen to the description of this:
“Alaskan Salmon stuffed with a savory blend of long grain rice, surimi crab meat, monterey jack cheese, bay shrimp and seasonings.” It was so good!

pics2009 496

pics2009 501

I also made a pasta salad side with TJ’s vegetable medley and Tuscan dressing. I cooked the medley in a wok and then lelet it cool a bit. I then mixed the dressing (maybe 1/2 cup? eyeballed) with the pasta and set it in the fridge until cold.

pics2009 502

pics2009 506

pics2009 513

I also made a pumpkin bread with a mix from Trader Joes. Can you see the trend here? What is one of my favorite stores? Anyone? Bueller?
The husband and I dusted all of our baseboards in the house. Teamwork! And now I am watching DVRed episodes of The Office and getting ready to eat a piece of pumpkin bread.

And here it is:

pics2009 492

pics2009 493

pics2009 515

pics2009 517

Also, today is National Chocolate Day!  So go get yourself a piece of dark chocolate (it is the best one for you) and enjoy this holiday!

I might be getting into this later to celebrate!

pics2009 349

Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate.  MMMM!


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One response to “National Chocolate Day

  1. Brandon (Husband)

    The salmon and pasta were absolutely delicious. The pumpkin bread was as well.

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