Gimmie just a little more time

I didn’t have to be at work until 10am this morning!  It twas wonderful.  I unfortunately got a phone call at 8 this am, otherwise I could have slept later.  I hate hate hate morning noise/phone calls.  Anyway…

This morning I had a little more time to photograph my breakfast.

Every morning I start off with this guy.

pics2009 409pics2009 414

I usually drink this along with an Amazing Grass packet dissolved in soy milk.

I had a little more time this morning so I made myself a bowl of organic Whole Foods cereal in soy milk.

pics2009 415

And then I had to get together a few items for lunch:

pics2009 410

Wallaby yogurt: a new favorite

pics2009 412

A TJ’s light string cheese

pics2009 413

A gala apple: this one didn’t get eaten

This afternoon at work was BUH-IS-SSSSSYYY!  I am so glad it is the weekend.  Tomorrow I find out what is wrong with my car at 9am and how much money I have to shell out for the squeaky noise.  I am almost positive it is my front brakes.

This it’s off to the grocery store and then to get my thyroid checked at the Drs.  I hate having to get bloodwork, but it’s to keep me healthy!  I hope my packages arrive soon. Have a good Friday all!


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