Foodie Friday

On the way to my usual Friday shopping trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, I had some diet Pepsi and a cherry pie Lara Bar.  Lara Bars take a few bites to get used to. It was full of cherries which I liked and took a while to eat so that was good for pacing myself.


I love going to Whole Foods, because they have the awesome book called The Whole Deal full of coupons.  I try to stick to the book when shopping and I get to try a bunch of new things for cheap!  I got a salad from the salad bar at Whole Foods and could not wait to dig in!


Filled with lettuce, kale, peppers, sweet and sour tofu, feta cheese, grilled chicken, grilled tofu…etc. It was so good!

Oh and the best part of today: COUNTRY CHOICE COUPONS!

I e-mailed Country Choice to get some information to share with my readers about their products.  I was sent 3 coupons for some products to review. I’m super stoked and will hunt for these items on next Friday’s shopping trip!


Thanks John DePaolis and the Country Choice team members! Can’t wait to review your products! I love organic products and am stoked to try new ones!

Tonight, we are figuring out dinner plans. The husband requested a date night with me so I’m excited about that! Love him!


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