caffeine headache

I have not had enough caffeine today!  It kind of saddens me that I am that addicted to it.  I actually had a headache at work because I did not have my usual morning coffee. 

Before work, I had this for lunch:DSC_0157

This sandwich was on organic sundried tomato bread from Whole Foods.  It had two slices of yummy Trader Joes muenster cheese and natural deli turkey.  With a little mayo and mustard, it was so good!

I also had a few bites of TJ’s roasted garlic hummus with some pretzel slims:


I went to work and then dropped a coworker home.  We made Frito-ish Pie for dinner. 

Heat TJ’s turkey chili for 2 mins 30 seconds in the microwave

Pour onto a plate or a big bowl.

Add light shredded cheese, light sour cream, whatever you like!

I served mine with organic corn chips and jalapeno Food Should Taste Good Chips



We are watching Glee tonight and I will probably be wanting a snack later.  Have a good night!


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