I'm a cleaning machine

I am finally finished cleaning my house.  I started at about 8:30 and worked until around 12 straight.  My house looks great.  Of course, there is always more ways I could organize, but that can wait.  You could eat off of any surface in my house it is so clean!

Before cleaning I hate a bowl of Whole Foods Apple Cinnamon Morning O’s and unsweetened skim milk. I also had a cup of Organic Valley chocolate soy milk after. This is the first best chocolate soy milk I have tried.  It is absolutely delicious.  I also bought this at Whole Foods if you are looking for a new soy milk. 


After all of my cleaning I stopped for some leftover Little Caesars pizza.  I ate two pieces…hey, it could be worse!


And had to deal with this bad cute cat all day.  She has really gotten to big for her britches with jumping on everything!!


Yep, that is Zoey in our couch!

Tonight, I have a yummy dinner planned, so check back for the recipe!!


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