So I do this little trick sometimes to get more water in.  I found this on the Weight Watchers boards when I was doing the program.  You get a pitcher and fill it halfway with ice, put two tea bags in and then fill the rest with ice. Pour water until it fills the top of the pitcher and then wait.  In about an hour or so, you have water with a slight flavor.  I need to drink more water and plan to get some after this post.


Also, make sure to set a kitchen towel underneath because it sweats a lot!

I was getting hungry and it was still a few hours until dinner so I had an apple with super chunky pb and a cup of chocolate soy milk (can’t help it I’m addicted!) and I read a little of this book.  It is a book on different uses for the things already in your home such as cleaners, stuff to get gum out of hair, how to get blood out of clothes with Coca Cola, etc.  It’s pretty neat and was on sale at Barnes and NobleDSC_0146

DSC_0147I marinated these turkey burgers (the ground turkey was from Aldi) for about 10 minutes with a little salt and pepper.DSC_0150

DSC_0152DSC_0153DSC_0154We grilled them and then grilled the pineapple towards the end.  I served it with pineapple slices on the side and one on the actual burger with a whole wheat bun from the Harris Teeter. My camera just died so it will be charging for a while. 

Brandon sprayed some grub worm killer in our yard tonight because they are out in full force and are nasty.  Their disgusting guts are all in our garage.  Hopefully this will do the trick.  I am going to shower and watch tv/maybe read/probably play on the computer more.  Have a good night!


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