Busy bee

Last night we went to On the Border.  It twas delicious.  I have been trying to eat better so I got the chicken and grilled vegetable fajitas (like I used to get on WW) that came with four tortillas.  I split the meal in half.  I ate two at dinner and then took the other two for lunch today. It really helps to ask the waitress for a box early on so that you are not tempted to eat anymore.  We got queso and chips which I usually would eat twelve (again like on WW),but their chips are so big, I only ate about half of that.

We then went to a local hole in the wall (those are the best) icecream place.  Before, I would get two scoops in a waffle cone.  Last night I got one scoop in a cup.  So I’m cutting calories where I can.  The fajitas were delicious again for lunch.

Tomorrow and Wednesday morning our office is closed,  so I am doing a thorough cleaning of our house and relaxing.  I have a magazine and Desperate Housewives episode to catch up on.  Oh yeah, tonight I got a quick hair cut too.  Just a trim, nothing crazy.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow while cleaning!


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