Shhh…I need quiet

This morning the cat would not stop bothering us. She was purring too much so we kicked her out and then she pawed at the door forever. She loves to play in the morning and I wanted to sleep in. I finally just got up. Then the husband decided to play the “Party Favorites” channel on our tv. So it’s loud music like Chaka Khan and Bob Marley. Cat + husband = migraine!!
This morning oatmeal was on the agenda.
The mix was steel cut oats and old fashioned oats, a splash of soy milk and too much water. I made these a little too runny and was not a fan. I basically ate the layer with toppings, bananas and a sprinkled oatmeal cookie!

Today we are having going to a birthday party (this man at our church is turning 80) and then going to the State Game. I am nervous about the game because it is supposed to be rainy all night.
We have ponchos, but getting wet jeans off is an act of Congress. I am off to finish getting ready and take some Advil for my headache. Have a good (and dry) Saturday!


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