Finally the weekend!

I went into work at 10am this morning.  It was nice to sleep in, but I kind of got bored since the husband was not hope and I wasn’t really up to cleaning or anything.  The work day went by slow, but now it’s the weekend for me!  Tomorrow I am getting my hair done.  I am going darker for the winter 🙂

Then I am going to check out the deals at Whole Foods and probably Target and Trader Joes.  We are going to the football game tomorrow night and Saturday.  Hopefully my cold is short lived and will be over soon.  Tonight I am watching The Office, LA Ink and Survivor then taking a shower and going to bed! I still feel yucky and have been hot all day. 

I think I am going to get a skinny pumpkin latte from Starbucks as well tomorrow!  I love love love anything pumpkin!  Hope y’all have a good Friday!


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