Monday wish it was Sunday

Back to the grind.

This morning started off with a Clif Chocolate Brownie granola bar and a banana.  It was good until close to the end and it got to be a little too much chocolate.  The banana was delicious. I have started to buy my bananas on Sundays now because when I bought them on Fridays they went bad by the next Friday.  So Sunday-Friday is a good plan.  I will just plan to do my grocery shopping on Sundays now instead of going once on Friday and then back for bananas on Sunday.

Anywho, my stitches are healing nicely, but the itching that comes with the healing process has started. ugh.  It’s like when you have chicken pox and you can only scratch the area around because you don’t want to leave a scar.  I really wanna be like this guy:

For lunch I had:

  • light string cheese
  • leftover Olive Garden
  • Oikos yogurt with honey on the bottom mmmmmmm!
  • 100 calorie pack of cheese and crackers

Tonight was good ole hamburgers on the grill, with 93/7 lean ground beef bought at the Teeter.  I put a little chili sauce, garlic salt, garlic powder, s & p, and chili powder. 



The grill master! hahah


Served with TJ’s wedge potatoes. These are the best fries if you are watching your weight and don’t want a lot of grease!!! MMM!  We are about out of ketchup and that is one thing I cannot live without!!

We might eat a popsicle later.  I am trying to go light on desserts since we went out for icecream Sunday night after Olive Garden. Ugh! I feel like a fatty.  Gotta eat better this week. 

Off to hang out with my hubby and this cutie:



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