Busy Bee

So this past week has been crazy.  I feel like life has not slowed down.

I got a mole removed 2 weeks ago because it looked “different.”  Friday, I went back to have more of the area around/underneath it removed because it came back abnormal. Now I have dissolvale stitches in my back.  The surgery wasn’t too bad, except when the nurse had the gauze close to my range of sight and there was more red on it than white! Yuck!  I felt kind of nauseous ever since.  It’s funny how I can assist in surgeries all week and look at other’s blood, but when it is your own,  it’s different. 

Then on Saturday we got our flu shots (that seemed to hurt worse than the stitches!) There were about 60 people sitting in our doctor’s office. This was there third free clinic.  We go every year since the husband got the flu from one of his students and then I got it.  That was the worst weekend of my life! 

Here is a recap of the week (well a few pictures since I was busy/lazy)


Shrimp scampi made with


-Whole wheat thin spaghetti

-TJ’s tail off frozen shrimp

-Riesling white wine (mmm)

-Squash and zucchini

-olive oil

-salt and pepper

-a sprinkle of cheese


I made this dip with TJ’s homemade guacamole kit (harder than I thought, but it was more natural than buying the premade stuff), sour cream and fat free mexican blend cheese. 


Served with Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno chips.  They are a new find for me: tortilla chips with a cracker texture and they are absolutely amazing! DSC00092

 Not too spicy!

Tonight we are off to Olive Garden.  Yay!


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