C25K Monday

Tonight’s dinner was some pieces of TJ’s Margarita pizza and spinach pizza.  They were delicious. Especially with a little bit of Trader Joe’s organic ranch! MMMM!



And a visit from this guy…


So Brandon, the husband and I, are thinking about doing the couch to 5K workout plan seen here: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

We tried it tonight and about died!  Brandon has a much bigger stride than I do.I swear he walks 5 steps to my one.  I called him Big Foot and he finally stayed with me 🙂

I have never been so red after working out. Lemme tell ya, I hate, no, loathe working out. With a passion. I hate sweating, panting, soreness the works. But if it will get me in shape then I’ll give it a shot.  Here is a little after dinner-pre shower-pic


 This was a girl that was happy the run was over!!! We are going again on Wednesday.  I’m off to finish making lunches (leftover pizza will be nice tomorrow) and relax my poor calves!


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