Starting over

I used to have a food blog, and then life got busy. We built/moved into our new house and things have been crazy ever since.  We got a cat, we have pretty much had something to do every weekend.

We still have only my bridal portrait hanging in the house, but the decorations will eventually come along.  I am so excited to have our own Halloween and fall decorations and have our first trick-or-treaters in our new home 🙂

I am going to try to keep up with the food blog this time.  Once I get over the hump and make it a part of my routine, it will be second nature.

Tonight we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and then icecream. I have got to stop eating like a big fat fatty. We haven’t been out for icecream in a while, so it is okay to indulge every once in a while, I just wish I didn’t eat some of the bloomin’ onion if we were going out to dinner. 

I prepared our lunches for tomorrow.


Starting with the above yummy fruit. One huge orange split for two, some pomegranate, kiwis, raspberries, and a few blueberries.  I am a bigger blueberry fan than Brandon (my husband) so I left his out.

Next came the turkey and cheddar sandwiches.

Turkey sandwiches

The sandwiches I made were with Sarah Lee whole grain white bread, Applegate Farms Natural Smoked Turkey Breast, Trader Joe’s Lite Cheddar slices, a little mayo and a little mustard. 

One the side, along with the fruit, we will be having TJ’s light string cheese and I will be having a yogurt (maybe if I am still hungry, the hubby isn’t into yogurt).

The lunch spread

I am currently watching the VMA’s and am disgusting by Kanye West’s remarks (poor Taylor Swift).  Tomorrow starts another work week and I am glad it won’t be too busy of a week.  🙂


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